Jazz Club By David Gerstein – Guitar Player

Introducing a brand new sculpture series for 2012 – Jazz Club By David Gerstein – Guitar Player

This is part of the Jazz Club series, to be released mid January 2012. The Guitar player is a double sided small object sculpture made of cutout metal. It is David Gerstein’s tribute to the music he loves and the musicians he has seen in Jazz clubs around the world. The front of the sculpture features the guitar player in a playing position along with figures of V that are reminiscent of the instructions usually seen in Guitar teaching books for picking the guitar properly.


The back side that can be seen here below, consists of nothing but those shapes in an abstract representation of music. The Jazz Club series will be released on January 15th 2012. Pre-order will be available soon on www.DavidGerstein.US

Jazz Club By David Gerstein - Guitar PlayerHorizon Arts Miami