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About David GersteinDavid Gerstein (1944) is an Israeli born male painter and sculptor who creates works that are accessible to the layman and art connoisseur alike.  His style has been one in constant evolution, over the years he’s visited themes and materials that directly reflected the world around him, but that did not always go with the status quo of the art movements. Rather than taking the easy route of criticism and cynicism, Gerstein took on the role of creating works both ironic and beautiful. When artists were often butting heads against the system of industrialization and commercialism of imagery via the pop art and post-pop art movement, Gerstein simply, ironically and beautifully asks, “So what?”

Gerstein’s art offers his views a moment of reprieve into a more optimistic and Zen world filled with radiant colors and a delightful aesthetic. The colors attract the eye via animal instincts that cannot resist the immersion in the dazzling and loud colors of Gerstein’s palette. Part of what sets Gerstein apart is his uncanny ability to see the exquisite in the world in a Buddha-like manner that gives us permission to occasionally laugh at our follies, if not completely ignore them, in a subtle, humorous style.

As Gerstein says about art, “Not everything needs to be heavy.”

In a life full of struggles, sometimes filled with undefeatable challenges, Gerstein offers an escape. Given the nature of art for art’s sake, it ironic sometimes that pleasure in the arts is often replaced with activism and strife, and Gerstein refuses to fall into that trap in his works.

The international art market has embraced Gerstein’s style where he’s taught, shown and sold art, and he has been hailed as one of the most innovative artist of his day. Nestling down into a home studio, David Gerstein Gallery, in the heart of Wynwood, Miami, Gerstein continues to create and sell his works.

Laddar Man 3In his gallery you can find a wide variety of his works to browse through, purchase and view. Embracing bright colors with a variety of medium, Gerstein gives us a glimpse into his studio from the comfort of our computer chairs.

One of the unique offers on the website are The Gerstein Design items, which are tabletop pieces that showcase the famous metal cut-out style in smaller sizes. These pieces are affordable to all who would like an accessible way to showcase the artist’s works in their home, and the prices of these are listed on the website for online window shopping.

Also, Gerstein gives us a view of his large scale works that are available for sale with inquiry. For those looking to fill their wall space, there is option of the large 3D metal wall sculpture and the smaller 3D paper cuts. Both showcase Gerstein ability to reach out to different dimension using building blocks of unforgettable colors. Away from the wall, check out his bronze sculptures and public art which allow the viewer to experience Gerstein’s works from a multitude of angles.

If there is one central theme that unites all of Gerstein’s work in his long and prodigious career, it is that he wants his works to reach everyone. Displaying his art via an online medium in a way is a dream come true, because of all the sets of eyes that get to enjoy simple bursts of beauty in this wacky universe.


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