David Gerstein – Wall Sculptures

Among a wide variety of medium, David Gerstein had developed this unique style best described as Wall Sculptures. These tremendous Wall Decoration pieces are three dimensional (3D) steel and aluminum cut-outs which inspire and bringing joy to any space rather a home or office. These artworks are inspired by real events from the artist’s life, going back all the way to his earliest childhood memories. The wall sculptures are bringing the viewer physically closer to the piece and creating a sense of relation between him and the artist’s purpose of the piece which is to communicate happiness, freedom and real-life.

The Metal Cut-out Wall Sculptures are showing bold and colorful motives that were hand painted by the artist such as Butterflies, Bicycle Riders, Brush Strokes, Flowers, Lips, Dancers, Jazz Players, Animals, People and More. Each of the wall sculptures is made up of Three (3) hand painted layers and it is part of a limited edition series. The edition number is engraved on the wall sculpture along with a hand signature engraving by the Artist David Gerstein himself. A certificate of authenticity is issued and hand signed by the artist with each artwork

A Large selection of Wall Sculptures and other artwork by David Gerstein is now available in the USA through Horizon Arts Gallery in Miami, FL. We are located in the center of Wynwood, one the most prominent art districts in the country

David Gerstein - Wall SculpturesHorizon Arts Miami